Retail - Michaud


Jazz up your dessert offering with Pâtisserie Michaud cakes. Customers will ask for them by name.

Do you operate a grocery retail chain? Looking to set yourself apart with devilishly delicious desserts made from nobel ingredients, like butter, 35% cream, real fruit and 100% pure maple syrup? With customers’ changing dessert preferences, are you trying to add a more natural line of desserts? Pâtisserie Michaud is the retail industry’s go-to partner for high-quality desserts that customers will ask for time and again.

Here are just a few of the retail desserts we offer.

We bet you 10 lbs. you’ll want a second slice.

caramel cake
Chocolate Cake
Maple cake
Cream Fudge cake
Fudge Cake
Rapsberry cream cake
Choco-cookies cake
Cream Fudge Log
Fudge Log
Raspberry cream log

Private label desserts

Have your heart set on offering some of Michaud’s ooey gooey goodness under your brand name? We can definitely help! We offer private label options in the retail sector that will take your dessert offering to a whole new level!

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