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About Us

Our desserts are the best antidepressants in the world. They should be covered by health insurance.

At Pâtisserie Michaud, we’re hard-core gourmets who like to do things…the naughty way. That’s why, each and every day, we offer a selection of our most decadent desserts that are rich in real ingredients and, quite frankly…

Just plain rich !

The company’s recipes have always featured simple ingredients that can be found in any household kitchen. In fact, we make each dessert as though we’re going to give it to the person we love the most in the world. That says a lot.

And have fun with your loved ones with no inhibitions.

the origin of happiness
Have fun
with loved
with a

We’ve been catering to sweet tooths for over 35 years.

Pâtisserie Michaud was founded by Mrs. Colette Michaud, a doting and sweet mother that got her start making desserts for the entire neighborhood in a Québec City borough. Her desserts were so popular, she opened up her very own bakery in 1983. Since the very beginning, Pâtisserie Michaud’s goal has been to create desserts that remind us of our childhoods and evoke feelings of happiness, comfort, pleasure and surprise.

Today’s president, Mario Michaud and son of Colette, joined the family business in the early 1990’s and launched the retail side of Pâtisserie Michaud, establishing partnerships with grocery stores and other retailers.

Mrs Michaud
A doting, sweet mother

Her desserts were so popular, she opened up her very own bakery in 1983.

Mr. Michaud
A helpful dad and professional baker

He contributed to the enterprise's success.

Sophie &

An entrepreneur and a foodie
following his parents’ footsteps!

Over the years, the company continuously grew and started offering desserts for restaurants, institutions, hotels and even more grocery stores.

Today, Michaud desserts are sold via 15 major distributors and in thousands of retail outlets throughout Canada. In 2015, the company expanded its facilities for a third time with the construction of a brand-new modern 22 500 sq. ft. factory, thereby increasing its production capacity.

Our promise


At Michaud, our ultimate goal is to create pleasure and comfort with our cakes. We want every moment in your life where you chose to celebrate with a Michaud cake to be a perfect moment. While we strive to achieve this, our business is far from perfect despite our best intentions. So, if for some reason our cake did not give you the pleasure you were promised, our policy is “PLEASURE GUARANTEED OR HAPPINESS BACK”.

Michaud will make up for your lost pleasure by offering you another type of happiness within 30 days of your purchase. For a substitute pleasure, write us a few lines about why you didn’t like your cake and what replacement delight you would like.

Find the form at: : PLEASURE GUARANTEED.


Pâtisserie Michaud is now SQF certified (Safe Quality Food). This internationally recognized certification emphasizes a system for controlling risks related to the quality and safety of food.

Accordingly at Michaud, we are committed to maintaining high quality standards to ensure the food safety of the cakes, to offer our customers and consumers products that meet the most stringent health, food safety and compliance requirements according to the current standards.


Michaud’s first bakery opens in Sainte-Émile, Québec.


Mario Michaud joins the team and establishes the company’s retail sales division.


The company begins distributing its desserts exclusively in grocery stores.


Pâtisserie Michaud starts creating targeted products, such as Christmas cakes and logs to help organizations, schools and sports teams raise funds. Sales double year after year.

Michaud desserts are now available in hundreds of restaurants in Québec, the Maritimes and Ontario.


Michaud products are distributed in thousands of points of sale, including hotels, restaurants, and major grocery store chains.

The company expands its facilities for a third time with an ultra-modern 22 500 sq. ft. factory. Pâtisserie Michaud now has an increased production capacity that is second to none.

Our values
that are far from
being ho-hum.
Our commitments
  • Be generous and passionate
  • Create mind-blowing sensory experiences
  • Use only real ingredients
  • Be bold and unique
  • Never take yourself too seriously
Our personality
  • Respectful
  • Natural
  • Brilliant
  • Surprising
  • Friendly and creative
We’re on a brand-new dessert revolution.
Oh. Yeah.

We believe…

That it’s important to have fun in life. A rich life that is filled with passion and boldly trying new things. After all, a dessert is the perfect symbol of love and happiness.

We believe that dessert should never be associated with guilt. Using real ingredients is THE secret ingredient for a dessert that everyone will enjoy.

We believe it’s much more fun sharing sugary treats with loved ones.

Never take yourself too seriously and above all, let go of your inhibitions!

We believe…

that a dessert made out of broccoli is just…sad.

However, we do have a few inhibitions. We avoid:

  • Preservatives
  • Anything artificial
  • Shortening
  • Half measures
  • Dessert recipes that make you go “meh”
Meet our

Today, Pâtisserie Michaud employs over 60 people and distributes its products across Canada. The company has long-standing partnerships with major restaurant, hotel and grocery store chains. Its uncompromising obsession in using only REAL, high-quality ingredients has, indeed, raised a few eyebrows.

Mario Michaud, President
Mario Michaud President Since 1994
Sophie Alain, Operation Manager
Sophie Alain Operation Manager Since 1995
Philippe Canac-Marquis, Business Development
Philippe Canac-Marquis Business Development Since 2015
Mélanie Gagnon, QA Director
Mélanie Gagnon QA Director Since 2017
Monique Bédard, Fundraising Manager
Monique Bédard Fundraising Manager Since 2016
Geneviève Landry, Customer Service Agent Orders / Logistics
Geneviève Landry Customer Service Agent Orders / Logistics Since 2018
Christian Savard,  Finance Director, CPA, CMA
Christian Savard Finance Director, CPA, CMA Since 2019
Johanne Paquet, Supply Coordinator
Johanne Paquet Supply Coordinator Since 2019
Céline Gauvin, Sales representative
Céline Gauvin Sales representative Since 2020
Caroline Boutin, Factory supervisor
Caroline Boutin Factory supervisor Since 2022
Richard Labrecque, Sales representative
Richard Labrecque Sales representative Since 2021
Marie-Pier Denis, Human Resources Coordinator
Marie-Pier Denis Human Resources Coordinator Since 2022
Meet our