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Foodservice foodies rejoice.
The dessert conga line is here.

Do you manage the smorgasbord of desserts at hotels, restaurants and institutions? Pâtisserie Michaud is the foodservice industry’s go-to partner for high-quality desserts that customers will ask for time and again. We also offer a variety of different visual presentations and menus so that you can sell our desserts like hot cakes.

Here are just a few of the foodservice desserts we offer.

We bet you 10 lbs. you’ll want a second slice.

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***2020 Holidays Edition***

Chocolate Extreme Slab Cake
Caramel Extreme Slab Cake
Lemon Raspberry Extreme Slab Cake
Cream Fudge Slab Cake
All Chocolate Brownie Slab Cake
Raspberry Cream Slab Cake
Chocolate Fondant Cake
Raspberry Cream Cake
Apple Cheesecake
Poor Man’s Pudding
Pound Cakes


Private label desserts

Have your heart set on offering some of Michaud’s ooey gooey goodness under your brand name? We can definitely help! We offer private label options in the foodservice sector that will take your dessert menu up a few notches!

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